Meet The Waddells

Well, here we are...Kyle and Amy Waddell in our of our favorite spots, in front of the River Street Sweets candy store on River Street in Savannah.  We feel incredibly blessed that Lord brought us to Savannh (our Eleventh year of full time ministry) where Kyle pastors Chevis Oaks Baptist Church and I teach at Bluffton High School. they pride of life.  Kyle, Jr on the left is in his first year of college playing football.  Pray for him as he figures out God's plan for his life, he is seeking direction and at times completely frustated in that he believes he is supposed to be famous (that people will know who he is),he is just not sure how.  Emily-Catherine is in her junior year of college in an Early Childhood Education program and plans to teach while Alex is a senior in high school and seeking direction as well as to where to go to school and has hopes to continue playing baseball.
 Lots of areas of prayer help me pray that they would let God be real to them and that they would let Him take over their lives.

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