All I'm Saying is When you Pray the Prayer of Jabez Be Ready

Yes, I really am attempting to learn Farsi... just what in the world is Farsi? A very difficult language, and I only need a few words, I just want to be able to share a few sentences so she'll know I cared enough to try.... I drove her home from English class, she shared a few giggles.... we shared a few words... "green, turn left, I have 2 sisters".... Will she know my heart hurts with love for her? Jesus is love and all I can say when He says love, that's my only option. Love does. Love knows no boundaries... Love tries and I have to try. Next time I see her I want to say Salam... Hello. I want her to know it mattered to me to try something new, to stretch myself for her. Her eyes tell me she's thankful I drove her home... Did they see her in her all black hijab in my car? She's from Afghanistan....Do I care? Jesus said love and I am loving. He's stretching me, I don't have all the answers regarding refugees, all I know is He said love... and they are they are my neighbor.

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