Hygiene Boxes For Easter

Easter Sunday we will be sharing gifts with our friends at Forsythe Park...we're putting together hygiene boxes. Join in and Help if you can, all donations are needed! Contact me with questions ...Also, you could join us in the park if you'd like to help pass them out. Our goal is 350 boxes! 

This is the list of items for the Hygiene boxes for the Forsythe Park ministry with People Helping People of Savannah and the Oasis Center, which is a ministry of the Savannah Baptist Center Hopefully you can make a box and bring it on or before Easter Sunday...these items are just a suggestion and there is no "wrong" item.
Also pray about putting a personal note or card or maybe even a devotion in your box.  These boxes will be given out as gifts on Easter Sunday, I envision an ocean of people receiving their box, sitting down under a tree, opening their gift and reading a letter/card from a precious person letting them know they are prayed for.

What a simple way to be a blessing to someone else.

Homeless Hygiene needs list :      

$1  DR Fresh kit  I tooth brush- 1 Tube paste (available from Walmart)                                            Michael mgr @Pooler store had 197 kits on hand as of 3-1-13





Wash cloths       



Baby powder    

Nail clippers.     


Toilet paper  (one roll fits nicely)     

Hand cream.     

Lip Balm (Blistex).           


Hair Conditioner 

hand sanitizer   

Handi wipes      

Zip loc Gallon        

Q tips                   

Shaving Cream 

3 pack of Kleenex         

*You could do a female box with feminine items
These items can always be used

We desperately need mens jeans size 30,32,or 34
Mens shoes or boots

Old sunglasses or reading glasses  

Used back packs
Sleeping Bags


Shoe Boxes

Daily Bread


Trail mix

Gallon ziploc bag for TP.     2 for other thing

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