A Little Spring Cleaning

Don't you just love the Spring Time? I love the refreshing and renewing thoughts of Spring Break...staying home, raising the windows and cleaning house as the breeze blows through. That's exactly how I felt when I looked at my new blog design by Mary Hess, refreshed and renewed. I really loved the colors of my original blog and was pretty attached to it as I was self taught and put the whole mess together, it was cluttered and a little dark, but i loved it. Kinda how I feel through the winter months. So with a fresh twist and a breath of fresh air Mary captured my heart and gave my blog a spring cleaning. A new motivation for writing too, I've been in a bit of a rut....a pause.....a quiet place...waiting on whatever it was that would push me out of the winter and into spring... Girls, if a new blog design won't do it...I don't know what will. Maybe a new pair of sandals... Thanks a bunch Mary, I love it.
Mary has a true servants heart, gifted at webdesign and wonderful to work with.
Find her at maryhessdesigns.blogspot.com

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