My mothers grandchildren

Wow, These are my mothers grandchildren. The three oldest are my children (Emily-Catherine will be 17 on the 27th, Kyle will be 15 Sunday and Alex is 13)...I am the mother of three teenagers. Scary, in my mind I'm still 17. They let me raise these children.....funny, and I drive a mini-van... sad...just kidding, love every minute. The next oldest would be Meredith, then Mary-Marshall and then Pace...and last but not least is....Anna-Claire.

Funny things about double names in the South. I love them! We have three in the family.

Seven grandchildren for my mom (she's only 55), I guess this means I'm getting old(not)....I'll be 40 in June. This was my favorite picture from christmas, practically had to laso Pace down to get a shot of all the kids together.
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