We're separated for Thanksgiving, but It works for us...

Happy Thanksgiving from the Waddell's from North Myrtle Beach

Happy Thanksgiving from the Waddells', Hatchell's, Morrow's, Howey's, Clark's and Najaka's from Rock Hill

Well, the questions have started...why are you and Emily in Rock Hill and Kyle and the boys in North Myrtle Beach...simple, it works for us. For years we alternated where we spent Thanksgiving, we discussed, we voted, we argued at times, took turns etc...Ministry life...moving away from home settled it for us.

We both love all the family on both sides but it just makes sense for us to split and everybody understands. Kyles family(a huge family) who is precious to me meets basically one time a year at the beach house in North Myrtle Beach and my small family is in Rock Hill. Seven years of ministry life takes us hours away from home and I haven't been home since June so...for Thanksgiving I go home to Rock Hill...spend priceless time with my parents, sisters, nieces and nephew and especially time with my grandfather since my grandmother passed away in June. Kyle and the boys spend time at the beach with his parents, sister, aunts, uncles, cousins etc...the women shop and the men play cards and golf thursday, friday and saturday.
So...no need to worry, we're miles apart for a few days...absence makes our hearts grow fonder....and the kids aren't fighting in the car.

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