Frances Morrow by Eleece Parker

My grandmother died this week. I'll write more about all of this when I've had the chance to process it all. A dear friend Eleece Parker wrote this and brought it to the home today and I'd like to share it.

It was my honor to meet Mrs Morrow,

She was a blessing to get to know;

I learned so much from her patience,

Through her, God’s glory did show.

She talked of her family and friends,

OH! The joy that was brought to her face;

To be sick should bring bitter and sadness,

But for her this wasn’t the case.

She was always filled with great hope,

And talked of the days gone by;

We prayed God would heal her body,

But never once did she ask God why.

Her faith was strong and secure,

She made sure that I too believed;

She asked God to save the lost,

That they also God’s Son would receive.

Although this fine lady is gone now,

She will always be close in our heart;

Her memories live on through our actions,

In our lives she has played a big part.

As a Titus 2 woman she lived,

To be self-controlled and pure;

She taught what is good, and to love,

Set the example to others for sure.

She spoke with wisdom; she was full of grace;

She feared the Lord, gave Him praise;

A wife of noble character, she served with much love;

Gave her all to the family she raised.

Her children call her blessed, her beauty runs deep,

Compassion simply flowed from within;

She gave of her best to the Master;

Concerned for lost souls to win.

With joy we know she’s in Heaven,

She has fought the good fight all the way.

Well done good and faithful servant;

Is something she heard God say.

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