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Meet Amy Waddell
by Matt Svoboda on May 11, 2009

Our Next Contributor, Amy Waddell:

1.) How long have you been in the SBC?

All my life and then some. Calvin Morrow is my grandfather, an SBC pastor for over 40 years, (recently named Pastor Emeritus of Calvary Baptist in Rock Hill, SC by my home Pastor Tom Tucker) so I guess I’ve lived it. I remember traveling with my grandparents and several other pastor families to the SBC Conventions during my childhood and teen years, camp meetings on the sawdust floors, revival pastors staying in our home and playing barbie dolls with preachers like Percy Ray.

What is your current role in the SBC? Currently I am a pastors wife, my high school sweetheart and husband Kyle is the Pastor of an SBC Church in the Low Country of South Carolina near the Beaufort/HIlton Head area…(no jokes about suffering for Jesus down here) I’m a Carolina Beach Girl.

2.)What do you love most about the SBC?

I LOVE the Savior we serve, I LOVE the “Church” we serve…the people, the Pastors, the Pastors Wives, the Missionaries we send, the Missions Involvment, the stand on the Word, I LOVE to see people “Get It”, I love to see women changed and grow in the freedom of Christ. I love to see young people come alive in Christ and seek change.

3. What one area of the SBC would I like to become stronger/healthier?

Of course I would love to see more souls saved, homes and marriages stronger/healthier but an SBC “entity”that I would like to see strengthened would be the Local Associations and more Cooperative Program dollars sent straight to the mission field. I guess thats more than one.

4. Historically, Who is my favorite Southern Baptist?

In my small world I’d say Calvin and Frances grandparents…I’ve watched a lifetime of faithful service to the end. On a grander scale…I’d have to say I have few heros…the grace of Adrian Rogers and Junior Hill, the boldness of Billy Graham and Ergun Caner, the sacrifice of Lottie Moon, my current favorite teaching preacher is David Allen, I could go on and on...

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