How do you use your Family Life Center to Maximize the space?

Well, we had the Celebration Last night. We are proceeding with the Family Life Center. The excitement is evident, people are ready and the children and youth can't wait. They came and cut the trees down, not sure of what comes next. We plan to start AWANA (one of Kyles passions) Upward Basketball and Basketball leagues for teens as well. There will be 1000 sq ft. Loft for the teens so they can have their world, 3 additional sunday school rooms and a commercial kitchen.

My question for some of you is this;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;? What types of events etc... are you using your building for?


  1. Hi, I just saw that you joined Christian Twitters. I am a Preachers Wife also. I am also a Blind mom with 3 kids ages 17,15,13. My husband at this time does not have a church. But we are praying that God will lead us to other church.

  2. Hey, how are you. I am excited and think I will love the Christian Twitters. How long have you been on twitter? How long have you been without a church?I'll help you pray.


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