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Read her post about Microsoft Donating to her cause and join in the fun.

"In what can only be attributed to God’s timely provision, some lovely people from Microsoft and Mr. Youth (a PR firm) have given Starlite the opportunity to earn some major funds for our programs. They’re doing a promotional campaign right now to promote the Microsoft Live Search program by having people download it to their task bar. And get this: for every person that downloads it from our link (see below), we get a substantial donation PLUS a bonus amount if we reach 75, 250, 500 or even 800 downloads.
Let me put it this way: for every person who downloads it, we’ll get enough money to buy 3/4 of a vat of processed nacho cheese. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE POSSIBILITIES?
So, here’s the deal: could you please download it into your task bar / searchbar / toolbox / whatever you call the line at the top of your screen? And, to make things even more fun, I’m prepared to offer you a deal you can’t refuse (do you like how I went all Used Car Salesman on you just now?):
If you download it and leave me a comment on this post letting me know you did it (honor system here, peeps), I’ll enter you to win a $25 Starbucks gift card directly from me (not Starlite)."

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