Me and Minnie at Disney's Grad Night '10

Ok... so I went on the senior trip with 62 seniors this past weekend and my prize is this picture with Minnie Mouse...not too sure who that other guy is (just kidding) but boy...I love Minnie. My goal was to get a picture with her and whalaa!

Great my one went to jail, no one was injured, we didn't loose anyone..( a few kids snuck off...big surprise... and got tattoos but they were18 and there's nothing we can do about that) overall a great trip...we went to Wet N Wild, Busch Gardens, Magic Kingdom for Grad Night, Islands of Adventure or Universal...jam packed weekend with about 10-12 hours of sleep... Exhausting but so much fun, our kids were great!

Disney does an awesome job with Grad Night...the kids loved did the adults and they really take care of the chaperone' if you're ever considering taking kids...Do!

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