Jesus and Women...Be Some Kind of Woman in 2010

What’s Missing, Who’s Missing This New Year?
Some of my favorite stories in the bible come from verses that talk about “some women…” Jesus had a special place in his heart for women, they were always a priority to Him. Many times the women were unnamed like the woman at the well, or the woman with the issue of blood, some women had been cured, some women were watching, some women were young like Mary and some were old like Sarah, some women sat at the foot of the cross, some women went to the tomb, some women Jesus spoke to, some women traveled with Jesus. Some women were innocent like Elizabeth and other women were rough around the edges like Rahab. Personality, social status, ability didn’t matter to Him, He loved women.
I love it…some women were always with Jesus. Some women hid, Some women sat at His feet…
I want to be “some woman.” Don’t you.
The most incredible thing about Jesus and how He ministered to the women of the bible was that he simply did it. He ministered to women and treated each one as a person the same way He sees each woman today. This New Year Season give yourself and your family the greatest gift ever and know that Jesus loves you Just As You Are… Give Him a complete packeage!
Now, ask yourself What’sMissing? or Who’s Missing? An empty gift has no purpose.
No one likes an empty gift including Jesus. I can imagine giving my children an empty box for Christmas. Be a confident women who knows her place in Jesus, be full of joy and full of the Holy Spirit, ready to give and serve.
As we approach this New Year, Will You Be “Some Woman…?”

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