What to do when you're on ...Social Networking Overload

Ok, I have to admit I have a problem. I am addicted to my laptop and social networking. I am currently seeking help. I'll be adding to this post as soon as I join another site...funny, huh. My Blog,my newest favorite is Flock, Facebook, twitter, Linkedin...got over myspace a while back, tweet deck(which I love because now I can sink all of my messages, upsdates etc....) It's getting a lttle like junk mail and I have to regroup, pray about some of these things and eliminate the unneccessary...but which one....I love them all...I have a husband and children, a home, a ministry, personal and group bible study responsibilities, I need to read for pleasure,not to mention I do have a job....I'm a teacher...I need to grade papers.

I'm addicted to finding the most recent articles on the Watchbloggers!!!!!!HELP. Oh and guess what I just prayed about and committed to being a contributor to SBC Voices....which I love and am sooooooo excited about, more to come on that a little later.

Well, whats a woman to do.....keep on burning the midnight oil.

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