2009 Life Verses...I found them, I found them

2009 Life Verses2 Corinthians 6:3-7:

"Giving no cause for offense in anything, so that the ministry will not be discredited, but in everything commending ourselves as servants of God, in much endurance, in afflictions, in hardships, in distresses, in beatings, in imprisonments, in tumults, in labors, in sleeplessness, in hunger, in purity, in knowledge, in patience, in kindness, in the Holy Spirit, in genuine love, in the word of truth, in the power of God; by the weapons of righteousness for the right hand (a right jab of truth) and the left(a left jab of prayer)."
2 Corinthians 11:2
2I am jealous for you with a godly jealousy. I promised you to one husband, to Christ, so that I might present you as a pure virgin to him.

I guess I should do a little explaining about the boxing gloves...at least they are pink, and in love.... My husband always challenges us to find a life verse for each new year, so I have been praying, searching for just the right verse for the year. As many of you know I am always happy. Well, at least all you see is a happy person. Inside I cry for my family at home, my grandmothers health, missing my sisters and their children, and (a little shallow of me but I miss my house in Greer(mainly my bathroom and closet.) Well, we have been leasing our house for the year and a half that we've been here serving here in the Low Country of SC and now the people leasing it want to buy it. This little bit of information through me into a tailspin. I guess you could say satan through me into a tail spin this week. Its difficult to explain but the thought of selling my house almost "did me in" this week and in that heart struggle I came to find my 2009 Life Verses. These life verses become personal, this one symbolizes for me an internal battle for me to keep the ministry of Christ at the forefront of my mind. You pray for me....some days I really need it.

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