Just a thought on Football

I soooooooo love this time of year, football weather. The proud mom has two sons on the same team, I love that and they are soooo cute in their uniforms standing beside each other on the sidelines. My sons Kyle, Jr. #5 and Alex #26 both play on their school football team. The fact that they are on the same team makes it fun and easy however, it also is trying at times. Kyle Jr. plays almost the entire game and Alex almost never gets to play. This is the part about parenting that challenges every part of motherhood. When its "Rec Ball" all kids get to play, when its "School Ball" only those kids the coach wants to play...play. These are the times when prayer and a close walk with the Lord is a must. What do you tell the child who doesn't get to play? The Lord is teaching me some things about myself through this, its tough. Then.... I experienced rage when the referee cheated us out of a touch down. Whoa!!!! I was enraged at a children's football game. That's my kids team, how can they take a touchdown way from a kid? Almost saw a fight between a referree and a senior citizen. Boy, do I love football with the family, never really knew that until my boys were playing.
Funny how we change and how we get so into those things our kids love and are involved in. We become consumed.

Just like me proudly watching my sons last night....Don't you know when Jesus looks down us, He's excited for us, He's cheering for us, He's into what we're doing with that same excitement as a mom cheering for her kids. He hurts when we're hurting.... Just a thought.

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