EdTech Training and Scripture

An update from the Queen of multitasking..currently being drawn to a few verses as I'm a little overwhelmed these days... .in a nutshell at this moment I'm supposed to be listening to the trainer however,  I'm adding all my apps to a new device and this is basically a test to make sure my blogger app is loading correctly because that's important.  So I'm in this EdTech Training again receiving our new devices with my posse, lol.... (blessed with the best coworkers around) but sorry Apple, the iPads are a thing of the past  and we're getting the new Dell (tablet/laptop) ..as thrilled as I am with this one since in order to be up to date with technology and productive, kids need to have keyboards, flash drive capabilities etc ..as usual though,  my mind is a million miles away ... as we're training,  I'm planning my life and getting organized and then I'm reminded of Proverbs 21:5 "the plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance..." I'm depending on it!  And then He gives me another one and I'm especially counting on it... my favorite page in the Bible James 1:2-4 to be real in my life because I'm in trials of every kind and being tested, but having full faith to be complete, lacking nothing with Him.
Guess I'll try and focus... When is lunch?!

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