Urgent Prayer Request

When Kyle went into the ministry full time and we took our first church and moved away from home to Kentucky I stuggled (to say the least for about 6 months). I begged the Lord to send me friends and He did. He sent me Jennifer, Christa and Crystal. Christa and Chris (our Minister of Music) were our best friends, Jennifer and JB(our drummer) and Crystal and Howard (most of you met their son, who we call "OUR Brad" who is a youth pastor and serving in Africa with the North American Mission Board.) We...I couldn't have survived without them. WE...our families... were inseparable.

If you've seen any news this week you've seen Kentucky is covered in ice, and yesterday Jennifer (38 yrs old) slipped on the ice driving to the school to pick up their son, landed upside down in a creek and died in the helicopter on the way to Lexington Ky. Our little town was an hour and a half from a real hospital.

My hope for this email is that you will all help us pray for JB, Whitney and Brandon. They are so much like our family in that they are all best friends. JB and Jennifer are best friends, they were middle school and high school sweethearts who married the month of high school graduation. Whitney and Brandon consider their mother their best friend. They were never apart and did everything together as a family. They need our prayers in a massive way. There wasn't a sweeter, most innocent, more tender hearted person on the planet who had a heart for women and children. She worked at the Lake Cumberland Home for Boys.

We got to speak with JB finally late last night and he is in shock, he was driving the hour and a half home from the hospital and said "Now I have to go to our home without her."

Please help us pray for them in the coming days.

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